Speaking Stata Graphics

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Author: Nicholas J. Cox
Publisher: Stata Press
Copyright: 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1-59718-144-0
Pages: 345; paperback

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Speaking Stata Graphics is ideal for researchers who want to produce effective, publication-quality graphs. A compilation of articles from the popular “Speaking Stata” column by Nicholas J. Cox, this book provides valuable insights about Stata's built-in and community-contributed statistical-graphics commands.

Nicholas Cox is a statistically minded geographer at the University of Durham. He contributes talks, postings, FAQs, and programs to the Stata user community. He has also co-authored sixteen commands in official Stata. He was an author of several inserts in the Stata Technical Bulletin and is an Editor of the Stata Journal.

Software notes on the original columns
Graphing distributions
Graphing categorical and compositional data
Graphing agreement and disagreement
Graphing model diagnostics
Density probability plots
The protean quantile plot
Smoothing in various directions
Graphs for all seasons
Turning over a new leaf
Spineplots and their kin
Between tables and graphs
Creating and varying box plots
Creating and varying box plots: Correction
Paired, parallel, or profile plots for changes, correlations, and other comparisons
The statsby strategy
Graphing subsets
Transforming the time axis
Axis practice, or what goes where on a graph
Trimming to taste